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Brag Poker

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Brag Poker is a Draw Brag poker game. It's a Brag card game with poker style betting.Before the deal each player place compulsory bet, called the small and big "blinds". After the deal there is a poker-like betting round with fixed bets. Then each player can discard from zero to three cards and is dealt replacement cards, after which there is a second betting round and then it's showdown. Players do not have to look at the cards they are dealt, and so long as the play without seeing their cards they may call for half price. However in this game it assumes that both players see their own cards.In this game you have a option to see the cards of the opponent hand and observe how it bets by clicking button See Opp's. To play normally click button Play. The game proceeds as follow :-1.1) You are assigned as the “dealer” in the first hand.1.2) Your opponent posts an amount of money called “big blind” which is set at 20 chips in this application, you post a “small blind” which is half of the big blind or 10 chips in this application.1.3) Three cards are dealt face down to each player.1.4) The dealer will start betting and followed by the opponent. The betting will stop when everyone has a chance to bet and there is no outstanding amount to be covered.1.4.1) You can fold, or call, or check, or raise, or all-in by clicking or pressing the right menu option.1.5) Each player starting from the non dealer can stay put or change any or all of the three cards. 1.5.1) If you do not want to change any card, just click button Draw.1.5.2) If you want to change, tap at the card(s) and then click button Draw.1.6) After changing the cards, then another round of betting.1.7) After the betting stop, the player next to the dealer will show his cards. The player with the best poker hand will be the winner and take all the money in the table pot. In case of draw, the pot will be split. 1.8) In the case of betting with all-in, the winner will take money from the table pot according to his/her all-in amount. If there is any remaining money in the pot, it will be returned to the loser.1.9) During the betting, if a player choose to "Fold", the other player will win the pot.2) Card ranking.
A card consists of a suit and a rank. The suit is either a spade, a heart, a diamond, or a club. The rank runs from ace(A), king(K), queen(Q), jack(J) , 10 and down to 2. An ace(A) ranks highest and 2 ranks lowest. However Ace can be in 3-2-A as a straight. Cards with same rank of different suits are equal . The rankings of the 3 cards from highest to lowest are as follow:-
2.1) Prial. Three same rank cards. The best is 333 then AAA,KKK,...222. 2.2) Running flush. Running card with same suit. The best is 32A, then AKQ ...432.2.3) Run. Three running cards in any suit. The best is 32A, then AKQ...432.2.4) Flush. Three cards with same suit. The best is AKJ...532.2.5) Pair. Rank from AAK to 223.2.10) High card. Rank from AKJ to 532.